Weekly Kibbitz: Israeli Teen Performs with Coldplay During Brussels Concert

Screenshot. Source: Coldplay/Instagram

If you will it, it is no dream: That is what Israeli 15-year-old Gili Torres learned when Coldplay’s frontman invited her onstage to perform the song “Green Eyes” with the band on her guitar during their concert in Brussels, Belgium.

The band shared footage of the scene on their Instagram account. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Martin, pointing out Torres’ sign requesting to play with the band, asked her if she meant it. “Do you really want to play ‘Green Eyes’ with us, for real?” he playfully challenged. When she indicated that she was serious, he told the crowd: “Please welcome Gili like a rock star.”

Outfitted with headphones — she appeared to come prepared with her own acoustic guitar — she accompanied Martin with a few members of his band while he crooned along.

How did she do? “That was [expletive] awesome, Gili,” Martin pronounced.
Torres later posted a short video of the performance on her Instagram Stories with the caption “my wish came true.”

— Rachel Kohn


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