Watermelon for Rosh Hashanah!

Watermelon salad. Photo by Keri White

With the High Holidays arriving so early this year, hosts and guests alike may be seeking a lighter, more summery repast to ring in the new year.

This dish, which places watermelon, a favorite summer staple, front and center, is deceptively complex. It delivers four main taste profiles: the sweetness of the melon, the sour tang of lime, the zing of salt and the spice of cayenne.

It can serve as a snack, a first course or a side dish. I like it as is, but it is also lovely with a sprinkling of chopped fresh cilantro, mint or basil. And if you are not a fan of spice, simply skip the cayenne!

This is best served at room temperature when all of the flavors are at their most pronounced.

Watermelon Salad
Serves 4

4 cups watermelon, cut in chunks
Juice of ½ lime
¼-½ teaspoon coarse salt
Sprinkle of cayenne pepper

Place the watermelon in a shallow bowl, and sprinkle it with the remaining ingredients. Give it a stir, let it sit for a few minutes, then serve.


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