Trump Is the Pro-America, Pro-Israel Candidate


We are voting for Trump because the alternative would be a disaster.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pro-America president again? In a little more than 70 days, Americans will have a binary choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. My friends and I will be voting for Trump for president. We are voting for Trump because the alternative would be a disaster. All of us agree that Clinton is an utterly corrupt candidate who has acted in ways to damage the United States. In addition, her performance as secretary of state has been abysmal. So, no thanks.
The past eight years have been an unmitigated disaster for our nation. We have a horrifically low labor participation rate of 63 percent. Our national debt will blow past $20 trillion in a few short months.
Economic growth is at almost recession levels and more businesses are dying than are being created. And Clinton promises more of the same.
Trump has announced programs to reduce our debt, fix Obamacare by replacing it with a system that allows us to actually choose our doctors, and increase jobs in the United States by creating an environment that brings businesses back to America.
Trump will bring the federal government back under congressional control, something we desperately need. The era of government by edict and regulation will come to an end.
Clinton treats our nations’ classified information as if it was old issues of People magazine. As each revelation of the “pay to play” culture at the Clinton Global Initiative has been disclosed, the stench of corruption has grown and grown.
It now turns out that half of the non-government people meeting with Secretary of State Clinton were CGI donors.
When UBS, Switzerland’s largest bank, ran into a problem with the U.S. Treasury Department about secret Swiss bank accounts, it made a “substantial” contribution to the CGI. The U.S. State Department helped negotiate an agreement. After all, that’s what friends do for friends — especially ones who give you tens of millions of dollars.
When the King of Bahrain wanted some face time with Secretary Clinton, he made a multimillion dollar contribution to the CGI. The meeting happened shortly thereafter.
There is a very clear pattern at the CGI. With Clinton, the fix is always in. The CGI has announced it will stop accepting “donations” after the election, so be sure to get your bribes in early and avoid the rush.
Now let’s deal with her performance as secretary of state. When President Obama and Secretary Clinton came into office, Iraq was at peace and wanted to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement.
President Obama and Secretary Clinton wanted nothing to do with keeping a small force in place to maintain hard-won stability in Iraq. As usual with Democrats, they never miss a chance to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
U.S. policy for decades has been to keep Russia out of the Middle East. Now, Russia is launching attacks on Syrian rebels from Iran. In addition, Iran has purchased the most advanced Russian missile systems to protect their nuclear facilities.
When Clinton came into office, Egypt and Israel were at peace. Clinton immediately began working to get rid of President Mubarak and install the Muslim Brotherhood as the rulers of Egypt. That turned into a huge disaster and the Egyptian Army had to take over.
Then there is Libya. The leader there decided he wanted to get his country off the list of terrorist-supporting countries and turned over his WMD and ended his nuclear weapons program. What was his reward? The State Department under Secretary Clinton began working to remove him from power. Now Libya is a haven for the Islamic State. That turned out well, didn’t it?
Everyone knows about Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans. That happened on her watch. We had real-time imagery of the 13-hour attack, and did nothing.
I guess no “contributions” had been made to the CGI. Democrats claim nothing could have been done in time. That is, of course, a lie.
Then there is our relationship with Israel. The Democrats led by Barack Obama and Clinton aren’t happy with Israel and its government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. AIPAC, which touts itself as a pro-Israel advocacy group, worked very hard to try to get the Republican Party platform to conform to the weak support in the Democratic platform. It failed.
Clinton has surrounded herself with advisers who hate Israel; Huma Abedin edited an anti-Israel journal for years. The Abedins, mother and daughter, have supported CAIR for years.
The Blumenthals, father and son, have likewise been anti-Israel for years. The son, Max Blumenthal, for instance, has voiced support for Hamas for years.
Now, let’s turn to Trump. Trump has always been pro-Israel. He led the Israel Day Parade in New York years before he decided to run. His adult children are all married to Jews. His daughter converted to Judaism and she keeps kosher. His youngest son is only 10 years old, so time will tell if he follows his sisters and brothers. A large number of the executives in the Trump organization are Jews. They wouldn’t have been hired if Trump was an anti-Semite.
When he purchased Mar a Lago in Palm Beach, he went to court to open the club to all races and religions. The Palm Beach elites were not amused.
Finally, there is Clinton’s treatment of our classified information. She had so little regard for federal laws and regulations for handling classified information that she kept a completely unsecured email system open to all our enemies.
There is one good thing about her unsecure server — her emails are being leaked on a regular basis and we are learning more and more every day of her malfeasance and corruption.
So, in November, I will be voting for Donald J. Trump for president.
Richard Tems, a Doylestown businessman, is a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition.


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