They’ve Got His Number at AFS: 600!


Abington Friends School's Steve Chadwin finds hoopla as he notches his 600th win as the school's basketball coach.

For many, he is the face of the ideal high school basketball program — a combination of heart, homework and hoopla. Which may explain why these fans (above) put their best face on to help congratulate Steve Chadwin on his 600th win as head coach/teacher at Abington Friends School. Seen here congratulated on number 600 by Rich Nouri, AFS head of school, at a special program, Chadwin, a recent inductee into the Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, has taken a low-key approach (even as he directs players to the top of the key on court) to fame that includes serving as a source of inspiration for future college players and pro stars.


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