The Best Chanukah Menorahs on the Internet

Banorah, Kikkerland

Lior Zaltzman

Every year, I tell myself I have enough menorahs. And every year, Chanukah rolls around and I end up getting at least two or three new ones (and also making at least one DIY one). I can’t help it. I love a good menorah.

Some would argue that we need more light this year than ever, and the logical conclusion of that statement would be that you need to get more menorahs, all the menorahs. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite menorahs on the internet:

Budget-Friendly Options
Banorah from Kikkerland: There are two banorahs — as in, banana menorahs — on this list, one in the budget section, and one in the way more expensive range. I would argue that the ultimate banorah costs less than a dollar and is made out of an actual banana. Either way, I love this yellow delight.

Aluminum Bird Menorah from Target: This menorah is quite lovely, as a symbol of hope and peace at quite an affordable price.

Go Menorah from Rite Lite: This isn’t the most aesthetic of menorahs, but it’s both affordable and a great electric option for those who want some light without fire.

Engraved Iron Menorah from Modern Tribe: Another stately budget option, this engraved menorah definitely has that “wow factor,” as one reviewer wrote, while still being affordable. Overall, reviewers seem happy with this menorah, although one suggested lining the candle holders with foil to make cleaning easier.

Folding Travel Menorah from Modern Tribe: Going somewhere this Chanukah? This menorah is not only a great, compact travel companion, it also manages to be really pretty and inexpensive.

Complete Chanukah Set from the Dreidel Company Store: This full set has everything you need for Chanukah, including a very basic menorah, some dreidels, candles and a handbook, all for around $20. Reviewers seem generally pleased with its quality, especially for the price.

Gold T-Rex Dinosaur Menorah, Modern Tribe

Maximalist and Very Extra Options
T-Rex Menorah in Gold or Green from Aviv Judaica and Dinosaur Menorah from Etsy: The dinosaur menorah is now a Chanukah classic and for good reason: it’s fierce, it’s grand and it’s beloved by kids like mine who will happily spew random facts about T-Rexes as they light it, like the fact that the carnivores probably honked, not roared.

Banana Menorah from Modern Tribe: If you’ve ever wanted a gold banana on your mantle that also serves as a menorah, your dreams are about to come true.

Ceramic Rainbow Mushroom Menorah from SomakeCeramics on Etsy: Check out these rainbow mushrooms! They’re so friggin’ delightful. I feel like I’m in a fairy Chanukah party.
Martini Menorah from Susan Alexandra: Aaaah, this menorah makes me crave that martini-soaked olive! It’s so classy and jazzy and makes me want to throw a fun cocktail party to match it.

Kandinsky Menorah from Susan Alexandra: I adore the art of Wassily Kandinsky and this menorah, inspired by his more geometrical work, is such a charming tribute.

Laser-Cut Hand Painted Menorahs by Yair Emmanuel (Butterflies / Pomegranate + Birds) from Modern Tribe: Yair Emmanuel’s menorah are unparalleled in their vibrancy — they really have all the colors, all the animals and all the fun.

Eden Menorah from Susan Alexandra: The Barbra Streisand of menorahs, if you will (I can see it being featured in her basement mall), this one is really a splurge and all out there in its beauty.

Michal Golan Menorah from Modern Tribe: This bejeweled menorah is another sparkly option fit for a diva.

Whale Menorah by Acme Animal from the Jewish Museum Shop: Acme Animal’s animal menorahs are all pretty incredible, but this whale one has such delightful details, from the waves, to the little pelican on its back, to the big splash of water coming out of its blowhole that makes the resting place for the shamash.

Polka Dot Cat Menorah from Inna Olshansky from the Jewish Museum Shop: Olshanksy’s animal menorahs are also an utter delight, but this polka dot cat, I believe, was my soulmate in another life. I’m obsessed with its colorful dots and worried little expression.

Baseball Menorah from Baseballildays on Modern Tribe: Probably the most out there (out of the park???) option on this list, this menorah is literally a baseball bat, and the shamash lies on an actual baseball.

Emma Menorah, Joy Stember, Modern Tribe

Minimalist Options
Emma Menorah by Joy Stember from Modern Tribe: This two-piece menorah comes in a clean geometric design with two lovely textures.

Mustique Menorah from Jonathan Adler on Modern Tribe: Three simple, elegant, colorful geometric shapes make this gorgeous marbleized menorah an absolute statement piece.

Daschund and Elephant from Jonathan Adler: Jonathan Adler has managed to design animal menorahs that feel so minimalist and elegant that they already feel like a Chanukah classic.

Youth of Light Menorah: This menorah is not only beautiful, but it also raises money for a good cause, helping at-risk youth in Israel.

Block Menorah by Via Maris from Modern Tribe: This menorah, a simple silver block, also comes with a place to store candles, which, as someone who always ends up with a bunch of broken candles each Chanukah due to flimsy packaging, I think is pretty brilliant.

DIY Stone Age Menorah, Days United, Modern Tribe

DIY Sets
DIY Stone Age Menorah from Days United and Modern Tribe: This DIY set is probably the prettiest one I’ve ever seen. It comes with its own plaster molds and colorful dyes. You can also get these color-coded candles to make lighting it extra special.

Super Smalls Chanukah Activity Set: This ceramic menorah comes with paints and sparkles and a fun activity booklet. It’s a way to get a new menorah and fill and afternoon.

Build-a-Brick Menorah from the Jewish Museum Shop: Is your kid obsessed with Legos? Mine certainly is. This menorah is a fun, non-flammable option.


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