Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El Sign Vandalized With Swastika

A vandalized sign outside Temple Beth Hilllel-Beth El in Wynnewood. Courtesy of Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El

A sign outside Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El in Wynnewood that read “Our Community Stands With Israel” was vandalized twice in recent days.

“Last Friday night, the sign in front of our building that says “Our Community Stands With Israel,’ was spray painted, Rabbi Ethan Witkovsky said in an email sent to congregations on March 31. “As we announced from the bima last week, the police came, we made a report and replaced the sign. Then, last night, someone sprayed a swastika on the new sign. The authorities are aware and we are working with them to both catch whomever did this and protect our and other synagogues in the area.”

The sign has been replaced.

“We do not know who did this. We do know that they wanted us to be afraid. A swastika is not a commentary on the policies of the State of Israel, nor is it a sign of solidarity with Palestinians,” Witkovsky said in the email.. It is a symbol of hatred and division. We, the leadership of the synagogue, want everyone to know that we will not give in to either fear or division.

“We are blessed to live in a society in which hate speech is not tolerated by the police, who are working with us to keep us safe. We are blessed to live in a society where our neighbors of other faiths have already reached out to offer support.”

The incident received some national attention when CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who grew up attending the synagogue, tweeted about the incident.

Later, Gov. Josh Shapiro retweeted an NBC10 post, calling out antisemitism:




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