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The Jewish Exponent always has been based in Philadelphia, but in its early days, it also had a Baltimore office and included New York City news.

Under a headline of “Our New York Letter,” readers learned about protests prompted when the United States government did not intercede in the Bialystok pogrom that killed more than 80 Jews two weeks earlier.

“This is not only a time for Jews to weep,” Dr. Joseph Silverman said. “It is a time for all humanity to weep.”

On a happier note, readers took notice of the commencement at College of the City of New York, where “more than 100 Jewish young men received their academic degrees. The greatest share of the honors was as usual carried off by the Jewish students.”

And there was a report about Brooklyn sausage manufacturer Adolph Goebel having two men arrested for trying to blackmail him. The men threatened to publish “an untrue and revolting story of methods in use in his factory” if Goebel didn’t pay them $250.


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