Ramah Israel Seminar 1966 Group Celebrates 50th Anniversary


Temple Adath Israel in Merion played host to the Ramah Israel Seminar’s 50th anniversary weekend celebration, which was attended by people from as far away as California, Florida and Illinois and as nearby as New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Massachusetts. About 30 of the original 82 participants attended.

The group enjoyed Shabbat, songs with 1966 melodies and participated in typical Ramah study programs called Israel: Then and Now; Israel: 50 Years of Business and Technology; Ramah: 50 Years of Evolution; and Jewish Education: Then, Now, and Moving Forward.
That was followed by Saturday Havdalah services, then an evening that included home movies of that era. The weekend concluded with Sunday brunch and a discussion of maintaining relationships in the future.
Having been created in 1962, this was the fifth class of the Ramah Israel Seminar, an eight-week summer experience that combined touring, exploring and learning.


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