Penn Hillel Vandalized Day Before ‘Palestine Writes’ Literary Festival

 Vandalism at Hillel on the University of Pennsylvania on Sept. 21. Photo by Sydney Freedman via

Multiple people told the University of Pennsylvania student newspaper that the university Hillel was vandalized on Thursday morning — the day before the start of a controversial “Palestine Writes” literary festival — as Orthodox students were praying inside the building.

“I noticed that the lobby was completely trashed — one of the podiums was smashed, one of the tables was smashed. There was stuff everywhere,” a Jewish student who was going to Shacharit services told The Daily Pennsylvanian.

A fellow student who was in the building to pray said that the vandal came into the building and “immediately started smashing things, yelling ‘F**k the Jews’ and ‘They killed JC,’” the student paper reported. (The latter is apparently a reference to Jesus.)

A number of Jewish groups have denounced the literary festival that begins on Sept. 22.

“Penn’s inaction here speaks volumes,” said Liora Rez, CEO of StopAntisemitism, in a statement provided to JNS.

University president Liz Magill, who has been asked to move the event off of Penn’s campus, declined to intervene, reported Jewish Insider.


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