Old-School Language on Page 3


Things change, and that includes language, as seen on the issue’s third page, which served as the equivalent of our modern-day Mazel Tovs page.

But engagements are nowhere to be found. Instead, there’s a listing for Betrothed, with four different couples featured.

There’s also a listing called At Home, with two separate families announcing receptions in honor of the betrothals of their daughters.

And those recently betrothed daughters could head to The Blum Store at 13th and Chestnut streets for a selection of frocks for $10.95 and up. Interestingly, another advertiser, Etelka J. Schumberg, uses the modern term “dresses.”

Vintage language or not, The Blum Store survived until the mid-1970s, even expanding to a few locations. Another advertiser on the page, Bonwit Teller, lasted even longer, its last store closing in 2000.


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