News Briefs, the Week of Aug. 24, 2017


KleinLife to Offer New After School Enrichment Program

KleinLife will offer a new Kids Space afterschool enrichment program this fall through a partnership with the Philadelphia Academy Charter School.

The program is available for first- through eighth-grade students, with those attending the charter school transported to the KleinLife Kids Space program at 10100 Jamison Ave. via school buses each day. The program also will be available during school closings and early dismissals.

“The program features everything from homework help and computer club activities to art, dance and baking clubs,” said Andrew Newman, director of athletics and fitness at KleinLife.

For details, contact the KleinLife Kids Space office at 215-698-7300, ext. 146.

Hotel That Singled Out Jews Dropped by Online Booking Site

The Paradise Apartments in Arosa, Switzerland, was dropped by online hotel reservation site after the hotel’s management posted signs that singled out Jews and requested they shower before using the swimming pool, JTA reported.

Hotel employee Ruth Thomann, who removed the signs, apologized and said she didn’t mean to offend Jews and that she was only attempting to impart information relevant to Jewish guests. She said Jewish guests were using the pool while wearing T-shirts without showering first.

There also was a sign limiting refrigerator use to certain hours. Thomann said only Jews had been allowed to use the refrigerator, as a courtesy.

Anti-Semitic Signs Hung on Oregon Overpasses

Banners with anti-Semitic messages were hung on overpasses on an Oregon highway on Aug. 19, according to The Oregonian.

The banners on Interstate 5 read “UNJEW Humanity,” “Eclipse Whitey” and “Jewish Financing Available.”

The banners were removed by the Oregon Department of Transportation that day.

A Springfield, Ore., neo-Nazi named Jimmy Marr took credit for the banners the next day on social media, The Oregonian reported.

Family of ‘Man in Black’ Denounces Neo-Nazi Fan

Johnny Cash’s family used social media to denounce a neo-Nazi who attended the Charlottesville, Va., far-right rally and wore a T-shirt featuring the late singer’s name on it, JTA reported.

“We were alerted to a video of … a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi, spewing hatred and bile. He was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the name of Johnny Cash, our father. We were sickened by the association,” the Cashes wrote on Facebook.

Cash’s children also noted that their father had received humanitarian awards from the Jewish National Fund and B’nai B’Brith International.


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