News Briefs: The Pences Visit Chabad of Poway and More


Panel to Discuss Millennials Fighting Back Against Anti-Semitism

Jewish and pro-Israel organizations will host a millennial panel next month in New York about combating anti-Semitism.

The Aug. 7 event on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, “The Time Is Now: Millennials Fighting Back Against Anti-Semitism,” will be led by Jewish National Fund CEO Russell Robinson.

The panel will feature Melissa Weiss, national campus outreach director at the Simon Wiesenthal Center; Daniel Cohen, campaign manager of the digital advocacy unit at the World Jewish Congress; Avi Posnick, Northeast and New England director of Stand With Us; and Bryan Leib, program manager, Israeli-American Council of New York and a former congressional candidate.

“We are looking to build awareness for the panel discussion,” Leib told JNS. “Each panel member will be making specific calls to action and providing the attendees with ways to getting involved immediately to join the fight against anti-Semitism in America.”

Jews are the leading target of hate crimes among religious groups annually, according to the FBI. “The time is now for millennials to take a leadership position on the war against anti-Semitism,” stated Leib. —

Pence Visits Chabad of Poway

Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise visit to Chabad of Poway in Southern California on July 11, six weeks after a gunman killed a woman and injured three others during Shabbat morning services on the last day of Passover, April 27.

Pence and his wife, Karen, walked into the synagogue to be greeted by Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who lost a finger in the shooting and whose hands are still recovering from bullet wounds.

“We had to come,” Pence told Goldstein as he entered and was received with a hug by the rabbi.

Congregant Oscar Stewart, a military veteran who, along with off-duty Border Patrol agent Jonathan Morales, chased 19-year-old gunman John Earnest out of the building and to his car, later joined the Pences and the rabbi. —

Biden, Other Democratic Hopefuls Weigh in on Iran Deal

Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said on July 11 that, if elected, the United States would reenter the 2015 Iran nuclear deal when the regime “returns to compliance.”

“If Tehran returns to compliance with the deal, I’d rejoin the agreement,” he said in a foreign-policy address in New York. “The historic Iran nuclear deal we negotiated blocked Iran from gaining nuclear weapons, with inspectors on the ground — international inspectors confirming that the agreement was being kept. Yet Trump cast it aside prompting Iran to restart its nuclear program, become more provocative and raising the risk of another disastrous war in the region.”

Similarly, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee told Jewish Insider that Trump, not Iran, is to blame for the latest destabilization in the Middle East.

Along with Inslee, other candidates who said that, if elected, the U.S. would reenter the accord include Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Sen. Amy Klobuchar; Marianne Williamson; Sen. Bernie Sanders; Sen. Elizabeth Warren; Sen. Kamala Harris; Julian Castro; Mayor Wayne Messam; Rep. Tulsi Gabbard; former Rep. Joe Sestak; Rep. Tim Ryan; former Rep. Beto O’Rourke; Mayor Bill de Blasio; and former Rep. John Delaney. —


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