Letters, the week of October 29, 2015


Breast Cancer, the Kaiserman JCC and the Coulter-Stoked Debate.

Another Way to Fight Breast Cancer
Your editorial and greater coverage of breast cancer and its particular impact on the Ashkenazi Jewish population was certainly an important topic to cover (Fighting Cancer Section, Oct. 22). Thanks for helping to raise the awareness of this terrible disease. It was a bit surprising, however, that you omitted one of the ways to limit the chances of getting breast cancer. Evidence-based data supports the claim that the longer ovulation is suppressed, the less one is at risk for breast cancer. This can be accomplished through taking birth control pills as well as through breastfeeding. Prophylactic mastectomy for carriers of the BRCA gene can be, for some, an emotional roller coaster. Considering that breastfeeding recently received negative coverage in the media, Ashkenazi women of child-bearing age should be educated that breastfeeding can also help reduce their risk of getting breast cancer. Not only is it good for the baby’s health, but it’s good for the mom’s as well.
Rachel Loonin | Bala Cynwyd
A Call to Come to Kaiserman
The handwriting is on the wall. Unless there is funding for the Kaiserman JCC in Wynnewood, it will inevitably fold. The collapse of the roof of the indoor pool a couple of years ago, combined with the near-simultaneous opening of the mega-YMCA in Havertown, has had a disastrous effect on the membership of the JCC.
It would be a terrible thing to see the JCC closed, as it still has value as a Jewish-operated facility, and the only Jewish community center in the western suburbs. After all, the YMCA is the “Christian Association,” as its name implies. The sectarian aspect still means something to me, as it should to other Jews. We need a place of our own where we don't feel like outsiders. 
Now is the time to join the JCC or contribute in other ways to sustain its existence. The JCC offers a place for Jewish people to get together and schmooze with other Jews, as they take care of their health and spiritual life. It would be a big loss to the community to allow it to disappear. 
Aryeh Wood | Philadelphia
Continuing the Coulter-Stoked Debate
I must write a comment in reference to the letter of Maurice Feldman (Oct. 15), who is blinded by Jewish liberalism to the extent he does not miss any issue that includes the current Democratic Party ideology.
Mr. Feldman uses the crackpot Ann Coulter as a representative of the Republican Party. I will use a prime example of today’s representative of the Democratic Party, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the mentor of 20 years of the current president, and an avid anti-American and Jew-hater.
Mr. Feldman has no time for anyone who has any conservative ideas, including Christians who believe the Messiah will come to Israel. Well, so what? These evangelical Christians are very pro-Israel, while this administration does not give one damn about Israel, and many in the highest levels of this administration, in my opinion, are the biggest threat to the United States since Nazi Germany and Islamist terrorism.
Irving Stein | Ft. Lauderdale


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