Letters, the Week of Oct. 6, 2016


Readers discuss immigration law and the upcoming presidential election.

Enforce Current Immigration Law
The Hart-Celler Immigration Reform Act of 1965, one of the most liberal immigration laws ever enacted in any country, was passed by a Congress with an overwhelming majority of Democrats and signed by President Lyndon Johnson.
It is the duty of every public official, especially the president, to fully enforce it.
Conversely, it is criminal for anyone, especially the mayors, sheriffs and district attorneys of the so-called “sanctuary cities,” to interfere in any way with its enforcement. It is hoped that, in the next administration, the Department of Justice will cease its current role as the legal goon squad of the Democrat Party, and will return to its mission of equitable law enforcement. Donald Trump’s position on immigration is therefore rational, equitable, just and humane.
Nahum J. Duker | Melrose Park
Readers Want More
I read with interest the columns “The Jewish-American Story Dictates a Vote for Clinton” and “Trump is the Pro-America, Pro-Israel Candidate” in the Sept. 1 issue.
The one by Seymour Rosenbloom supporting Clinton was pathetic. It was entirely a diatribe against Donald Trump. There was not one word — not one — that said anything about her. Her name is not even mentioned until the next-to-the-last sentence. With that exception, the article could have been supporting Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.
Surely, your readers are entitled to a more rational comparison of candidate positions, promises and performance. Mr. Tems’ article had, at least, some information about Donald Trump’s positions with respect to Israel, government spending and foreign policy.
Readers deserve better.
Robert M. Rubin | Huntingdon Valley
More Than Two Candidates This Election
Richard Tems writes that “Americans will have a binary choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump” (“Trump Is The Pro-America, Pro-Israel Candidate,” Sept. 1).
Why is the Jewish Exponent perpetuating a lie about the upcoming presidential election by printing that incorrect statement and by only promoting Clinton and Trump? The reality is that voters also have the option of choosing Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party or Jill Stein of the Green Party.
If people make their decision based on where all of the candidates stand, anything is possible this election cycle, given the massive disapproval ratings for Clinton and Trump. By taking an online quiz, voters can see which candidate they most closely align with and how much they align. Then a decision can be made based on the issues and the full-range of choices. The only wasted vote is one made for a candidate with whom you disagree on the important issues.
If you vote for the lesser of two evils, evil still wins. Instead, let’s consider all of the candidates and make an informed, intelligent choice.
Michael J. Rosen | Philadelphia


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