Letters, the week of Nov. 26, 2015


Jews on the St. Louis and the cover of the Winter Holiday Guide.

Honoring the Real Spirit of St. Louis
To everyone using the rejection of the Jews on the St. Louis (937 souls in all were aboard the ship) by the United States in 1938 as an example for today’s Syrian refugee crisis, here’s my problem with it. Not that the refugees shouldn’t come to the United States, but the analogy is mind-boggling in this way. Where is the outcry, today, for the rise of anti-Semitism all across Europe and beyond? Where is the compassion for those suffering because of that prejudice? Where are the voices against that? 
I would like to make the same parallel to the terror attacks daily in Israel — the rockets from Gaza, suicide bombings in nightclubs where teenagers are killed en masse, in restaurants, on buses, at Seders, during weddings, cars ramming into civilians and, recently, stabbings on a seemingly daily basis. This comparison should be made with the terror attacks committed by the so-called Islamic State. And if you believe the Arabs are justified in committing these terror attacks in Israel, then remember: The Islamic State also believes they are justified. 
The world can’t say it’s OK in one place and not another. And I would venture to say that the world blaming Israel for its responses to terror has helped create our problem today: appeasement. And remember the next time Israel responds to the terror attacks committed by Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinian Authority; remember to show the same support for Israel’s response — as you are today for France and Russia — instead of telling Israel to show restraint! Then, maybe, using the horrible rejection of a boatload of Jews trying to escape Hitler and concentration camps where half died after being sent back to Europe, will be justified.
Lynn Silver | New York City
A Mistake of Ornamental Proportions
I was disappointed to see the cover of the Winter Holiday Guide (Nov. 19). For a Jewish newspaper to display Christmas decorations — I thought it was in very bad taste. As we all know, the holidays are very commercialized, but we don’t have to be reminded that it is Christmas. I do believe that photos of Chanukah on the cover would be more 
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Marsha Schwartz | Blue Bell
Ed. Note: To be clear, those are not Christmas decorations — they are stylized Stars of David composed of snowflakes. We regret that they could be interpreted in any other way.


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