Letters, the Week of June 9, 2016


Readers discuss Act 70, private schools and Bernie Sanders.

Suggesting Holocaust Education Not Same as Mandating
The Pennsylvania legislature passed Act 70, which “suggests” schools teach the Holocaust as part of world history (“Act 70 Spurs Improved Training, Teaching about the Holocaust,” May 26). It does not mandate teaching the Holocaust, nor does it provide funds for books or any other pertinent materials. It is a compromise bill, because legislators in Harrisburg could not agree to mandate teaching the Holocaust, such New Jersey and other states have done. It is reminiscent of the way the delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 handled the issue of slavery.
The Exponent’s article extolling the Abington school district’s Holocaust educational programs omits a salient fact: Abington is heavily populated by Jews who feel Holocaust history is vital to their children’s education. I doubt it is being taught anywhere, with few exceptions, other than the Philadelphia or Pittsburgh areas. I would be surprised if it is being taught in Springfield, Delaware County.
Act 70 is purely voluntary and other than areas where there are enough Jewish voices to be heard, it will not be high on any school district’s to-do list. It does have a provision to revisit the situation during 2017, with possible mandating should there not be enough schools participating. Don’t hold your breath.
Ralph D. Bloch | Rydal
Take Jewish Children Out of Quaker Schools
With all due respect to Brad and Lisa Sandler’s decision to remove their children from Friends’ Central School (“Parents Angry with Friends’ Central for Previously Supporting BDS Organization,” May 19), why did they send their children there in the first place, when everyone knows that the Quakers have been anti-Israel for many years?
Why do so many Jewish families support Quaker schools by sending their children there? Jews should stay away from any school or organization that supports BDS and other anti-Israel platforms. After all, there are plenty of other good private schools, including in our Jewish community, where they can go.
Supporting the Friends’ schools financially is against the best interest of Jews. If we continue to send our children to them, we should hang our heads in shame.
Jewish parents, get your children out of there!
Maddie Carson | Philadelphia
Moves Highlight Sanders’ Disastrous Israel Views
Sen. Bernie Sanders’ appointments to the Democratic National Convention platform committee are just an ongoing continuation of the disturbing anti-Israel bias he’s shown throughout his primary campaign (“Shaky Steps in Building the Party Platform,” June 2).
He has shown himself to be uninformed about foreign policy, misinformed about Israeli-Arab issues and now a friend of anti-Semites. As enlightened as he is on domestic social issues, he has ignored his education vis-a-vis Israel.
It’s time to call him what he clearly is: a self-hating Jew. If he became president, it would be a disaster for Israel.
Steven Barrer | Huntingdon Valley


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