Letters: Talking Politics, Klezmer


Speaking of Politics
I would like to thank Burt Siegel for providing some historical context on the current wave of high-profile anti-Semitism in the Black community (“Black-Jewish Relations in Philadelphia: Then and Now,” Aug. 6). I was expecting some insightful advice on how we should respond. Instead, it ended “speaking of politics” and condemning the presumed Republican candidate. Speaking of politics, I would like to suggest that, instead of historical perspective, we can use some high profile advice on how to respond to the current anti-Semitism overtaking the Democratic Party, which is depriving us of an alternative to the Republican candidate.
David Korenstein | Wayne

More Local Klezmer History

One early and important Philly Klezmer musician (“Author: Philly Has ‘Unique’ Klezmer History,” Aug. 6) was Lt. Joseph Frankel. Hankus Netsky has several of Frankel’s songs in his repertoire. His band was often featured at Steel Pier and Willow Grove Park. Most importantly, he was the bandmaster of the 1926 Philadelphia Sesquicentennial, in honor of which he was presented with a baton made from a joist of Independence Hall. l Alan Frankel | Bryn Mawr


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