Letters | Refugees and European Jews


Refugee Fates

[FDR’s rejection of refugees] is an example of what went on and still does (“What We Can’t Forget When We Remember Anne Frank,” June 20). We either have an open door or we don’t. People who need a place to be safe should be able to come here and know they can be safe. From what I have seen, refugees come here, they get jobs and they move forward. All of us came here at whatever date to be free and to build our lives. Being here first doesn’t make us special.

Chuck Whitney | Jenkintown

All in the Family

I write in reference to “Taking a Stand for the Jews of Europe” op-ed (June 13). This content is what I always hope for when reading the Exponent. You are our informer, representative and newspaper that reports all Jewish causes whether they be positive or negative. No matter where, no matter who, no matter [how] politically correct, we depend upon you to report the true facts. In our family, we take care of our own. In the Exponent family, we depend upon you to report any injustices to Jews so that they never escape our site and minds.

Look what’s happening in the U.K. and France and the growth of anti-Semitism in the U.S. by politicians and other groups. I know it [seems it] can’t happen here, but it can.

Don Brodie | Gladwyne


  1. Chuck. every country in the world has borders; that’s what makes it a country. There are tens of millions of people who would come here if we refuse to enforce our borders. Who are they? Are we willing to pay untold billions to feed, clothe and provide them with medical, dental and housing? Are we prepared to deal with new diseases, including ebola, that they bring with them? Are we willing to saddle our kids and grandkids with billions and billions of more debt to pay off? How about our own citizens who are in terrible need, the tens of thousands living on the streets of our major cities. Are they special? We just stopped several Middle Easterners from coming in: Do we know what their intentions were? Being here first isn’t the point; coming here legally and respecting our laws and sovereignty is. We are special because we’re American citizens, we pay the taxes, fight the wars, respect the laws of the land and until recently, decided who came here and who does not, and that makes us citizens of the greatest country in the world. You want to join us, leave the mobs and come here legally.


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