Letters: Police Support, Juneteenth


Police Deserve Support
Liz Spikol’s op-ed (“Who We Were, Who We Are Now,” June 4) illustrates the dilemma police face every day when they go out to do their job: Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? The riots in Philadelphia and elsewhere have nothing to do with George Floyd and everything to do with anarchy.

Calls to defund the police, as we are hearing across the country are demoralizing and will only encourage more violence. It is discouraging that Spikol’s piece did not utter a word of support for the police who put their lives on the line for us every day.

Len Getz | Merion

Learn About Juneteenth
Juneteenth is a holiday celebrating the end of slavery in America (“Amid a National Reckoning Over Race, Jews Are Embracing Juneteenth,” June 19, jewishexponent.com). As this holiday is growing around the country, I am reminded of another group of people who celebrate every year their deliverance from slavery. The people is us. The holiday is Passover. Let’s learn about Juneteenth and help celebrate freedom everywhere.

Sheryl Kalick | Philadelphia


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