Letters | Obama, Iran and the Law of Return


Obama Administration Didn’t Fund Terrorism

In the Aug. 30 issue of the Jewish Exponent, Jerome Marcus accuses the Obama administration of funding terrorism. He accuses the former president of gifting Iran with “hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayers’ dollars.” Marcus should know better.

Yes, there was a plane from the U.S. that delivered money to Iran. However, this was money that Iran had paid the U.S. for weapons before the Iranian revolution. Since we were never going to fulfill that order we owed that money to Iran plus interest. This payment was frozen until the Iranians agreed to give up their nuclear program.

After signing the Iran deal, we were obligated to make this payment. Since Iran had not given up its ties with terror, Obama did not annul the pre-existing terror-related sanctions. Accordingly, we did not have banking ties to Iran, so the only feasible way to return Iran’s money was to send it by air.

I wonder if Marcus had similar criticisms against President Bush and Sen. Rick Santorum for opposing the Lautenberg amendment, which would have prevented American companies like Halliburton from doing business with Iran.

Daniel E. Loeb | Wynnewood

No Need to Apologize About Law of Return

I am writing in reaction to Jesse Wohlberg’s comments on Aug. 23 when he stated that Israel is “the only country in the world that discriminates simultaneously against both non-Jews (via the Law of Return) and Jews (the haredi official monopoly on Judaism).”

What I take exception to is the ridiculous reference to the Law of Return as being discriminatory. Without sounding pedantic about the state of world Jewry before and after the Second World War, how else could the modern state of Israel be viewed as anything other than the sole refuge and homeland of the Jewish people?

The Law of Return guaranteed the right of world Jewry to go home to our ancient homeland.  One need not be apologetic about this law.

Randye Hoffman Sable | Elkins Park


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