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Column Blurred Distinctions
Ian Haworth is confused (“Both the Left and the Right Have Turned on Jews,” Oct. 20).

First, to cherry-pick several really poor and misleading examples to prove the point that no one in America cares about the Jews is just out of step. And Haworth provides no substantiation for the claim that there is no political home for Jews in America. There are, indeed, too many loose lips, crazies and haters (especially white supremacists) in America (and around the world), but Jews are not the only people that are targets of their vitriol.

What is seriously missing from Haworth’s op-ed is any attempt to separate the Jewish people and the state of Israel’s right to exist and flourish from the actions of the Israeli government and radical West Bank settlers.

Many leading Jews in America have, perhaps purposefully, also blurred this distinction. But many Jews and non-Jews in America have distinguished love of country and Jews in general from some of the things the government of Israel has done.

Mark Twain perhaps said it best: “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”

The continued presence of the hawk Netanyahu among Israel’s top leaders does not help matters any, nor does Israel’s lack of full support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia. JE

Frank L. Friedman, Philadelphia


  1. Frank your letter proves that it’s not just the politically inspired creation of the “white Supremacists,” hawk Netanyahu and other assorted bogey men of the left that spread hate and misinformation. It’s the “mainstream, confused leftists” like you who
    must constantly demonize, anyone who disagrees with your far-left agenda. If you had the facts to argue your positions you would use them but your name calling shows all you have is misplaced emotions.
    Calling Netanyahu a hawk because he defends his fellow Israeli’s from Hamas’ terror attacks is absurd and seems to support the Palestinian governments open desire to destroy Israel. Frank, Hamas is a terrorist organization whose charter explicitly calls for the murder of all Jews, including you and me.


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