Letters: Heed SPJ’s Intentions, US Negligent on Ukraine


Liberals Should Take SJP at its Word
The Tufts University, Amnesty International and Sierra Club articles in the March 24 Jewish Exponent dealing with strategic boycotts of Israel and the exclusion of Jews, including J Street, hopefully will awaken J Street and other so-called liberal pro-Israel Jews. The only solution that Students for Justice in Palestine want for Israel is a Final Solution. Take them at their word.

I hope and pray that J Street and the liberal pro-Israel Jewish groups understand that SJP, as did the Nazis, mean it when they say that their vision for Palestine is the elimination of our Jewish state, Israel.

Zachary Margolies | Philadelphia

US Asleep Regarding Ukraine
It has been said that the Ukrainian situation “does not rise to the level of direct U.S. involvement” (“Area Businessman Aids Extraction Efforts in Ukraine,” March 24). What sort of devastation of a country, murder of its civilians and abject misery inflicted on innocent people would rise to the level that we should “risk the possibility of a global economic or shooting war with Russia?”

Vladimir Putin is clearly the aggressor and the war criminal. NATO needs to lay the ground rules for Russia in Ukraine. So far, we have let Russia dictate the rules for our engagement in Ukraine. This is backwards.

On the ground and in the air, Russia invaded a sovereign nation. Had our government not been asleep, it would have prepared, without broadcasting its intentions to the world, air and ground resistance sufficient for the Russians to understand that setting one foot on Ukrainian land or airspace would have been met with fierce resistance from all of NATO, as if Ukraine were a NATO ally. Then we might have avoided the current situation.

We should not have been making up excuses (Ukraine is not in NATO; we risk World War III) for our failure to take protective military actions beginning last fall, as we are now beginning to do throughout our NATO-allied countries. The risk of protecting Ukrainian airspace is serious, and a delicate line must be walked. However, I contend this risk is not as serious as the current carnage.

It is callous and cruel to say this war may continue for weeks; maybe months. I applaud the U.S., President Biden, and NATO for the aid it has given to the Ukrainian people thus far. But, throughout this war, Putin escalates, we send weapons, and yes, humanitarian aid. Clearly, this is not sufficient. Ukraine is burning. We are fiddling. We should all be embarrassed.

Frank L. Friedman | Delanco, New Jersey


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