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Trump Not in Sync With Jewish Teachings

Regarding “Jews Choose Trump Names Eastern PA Director” (Jan. 9), informed readers might know that under President Barack Obama, the Jewish state received $38 billion in military aid, the largest amount ever received under any
president, Republican or Democrat.

No doubt the government of Israel felt this financial support was of much greater importance than who President Obama called and when. In fact, on Obama’s first day in office, he did call Mahmoud Abbas. But he also called Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Jordan’s King Abdullah and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak.

Not only do Trump’s supporters claim that Democrats hate Jews as well as Israel but according to Jews Choose Trump’s Phyllis Zemble they are also responsible for the demise of “the traditional values of family, education and hard work” and have aided and abetted the “growth of single-parent homes, anti-Semitism on college campuses, an increase in city crime and a lower threshold for government welfare.”

It is ironic that the individual she thinks so highly of is a well-known adulterer, repeatedly declared bankruptcy to avoid paying vendors and regularly insults critics and opponents. None of these are consistent with Jewish teachings and how we are taught to treat others.

Zemble’s colleague Carol Greenwald is worried that if our community does not “show gratitude to the president” he will turn against us. This concern reflects a kind of “ghetto
mentality” of the Jewish communities of Europe who feared offending the king or czar.

Joy Pollock & Burton Siegel | Meadowbrook

Jews Should Support Trump

I am a Jew who is grateful Donald Trump is our president (“Jews Choose Trump Names Eastern PA Director,” Jan. 9). May we be so fortunate to have him another four years.
No matter how many millions of people have benefited from our president’s Making America Great Again, those who refuse to accept the results of the last election are unable to acknowledge it. Let us show them compassion as they dwell in their misery.

To claim that the Democratic Party supports Jews and Israel is laughable. No informed person could hold that position.

It is good there is an organization of Jews for Trump. We Jews should recognize and vote for our friend. Let it be that we Jews vote to re-elect the problem solver sitting in the White House.

Myron Goldman | Elkins Park

Left-Wing Jews Damaging Judaism

It is probably impossible to overstate the damage left-wing Jews are doing to Judaism, Jews and Israel. In last week’s Exponent two people wrote negative remarks about Jews who support Trump (“Kvetch ’N’ Kvell,” Jan. 16).

They must be living in another world. Let me remind them of some facts.

Many left-leaning Jews have abandoned Israel and Jewish values. These are some examples: J Street supporters along with George Soros, Bernie Sanders, Noah Chomsky and Saul Alinsky. Many of the Jews in Congress stand silent while the Squad degrades Jews and Israel. Many even support boycotting Israeli goods and services.

Maybe they should read articles about Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler’s lies and groups who backed them in winning elections. The great Jewish migration came 125 years ago to escape communism and socialism. Many years later, the Democratic Party is embracing that agenda.

Mel Goldberg | Upper Gwynedd

Israel Second Home to Diaspora Jews

What an interesting organization (“Diaspora Jews Have Their Say: World Zionist Congress 2020,” Jan. 6). I love the idea of Diaspora Jews having some impact in Israel. It promotes a connection and an ownership to a land many Jews have never been too.

Today, more than ever, Jews around the world must remember, despite recent politics, Israel is our second home always beckoning for our return. Will be doing some more
reading about the congressional actions and platforms. Thanks for this informative article.

Ben Barbash | Blue Bell


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