Letters: CRT, Iran


CRT Revisited
I was pleased to see Fred Pincus’ opinion piece (“Where Do Jews Fit Into Critical Race Theory?”, May 26). Many on-target issues are raised in this piece (such as Jews as middlemen minorities and meritocratic standards for Jews versus Blacks and Hispanics). Among the smaller issues, Pincus’ definitions of equality versus equity would have been better served if taken from a dictionary.

My main concern, however, is with the argument over whether CRT is good for Jews. I don’t believe it is good for anyone, except those of right-wing persuasions. The problem lies in the title itself (and, worse, the abbreviation), and many of the definitions ascribed to it.
CRT originated in the mid-1970s in the writings of American legal scholars concerned that many of the advances of the civil rights era had slowed or even begun to move backward. Accordingly, then, we should be advocating for an effort to shift the purposes, scope and delivery of education to promote a greater understanding of the lives and experiences of all Americans, not just those who are “like us.”

Derrick Bell, whose work gave rise to CRT, was once asked about CRT and replied, “I don’t know what that is. To me, it means telling the truth, even in the face of criticism.” What happens in the absence of common sense reasoning is the co-opting of important ideas by political and community leaders wishing to destroy these ideas for their own aspirations.

We handed the opposition a three-letter target; they fired away. We made it easy.

The story needs to be less about racism and race, and more about justice and equality, fairness and truth as we seek to provide the real story of history in America. Then this instructional movement will be good for us all, including the Jews.

Frank L. Friedman, Philadelphia

Stopping Iran
Since 1979, the theocratic government that is Iran has publicly and repeatedly proclaimed its primary foreign policy goal: the murder of the Jewish population of Israel (“A Plan B For Iran?”, June 2).

It has not yet acted on its antisemitic genocidal goal for only one reason: It has not achieved nuclear capacity — yet. Neville Chamberlain’s belief that a piece of white paper — what today is called “the Iran deal” — could appease or deter pure evil — whether by Hitler then — or the Jew-hating mullahs now — is the clearest example of the likely fatal myopia of President Biden and his cadre of advisers in the State Department.

The only plan that can work to end Iran’s murderous nuclear ambition is for Israel and those clear-thinking countries that are not willfully blind to evil is to destroy Iran’s nuclear capacity once and for all, including those individuals responsible for it.

Richard Sherman, Margate, Florida


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