Letters | Bibi and the Pittsburgh Special Issue


Bibi’s Achievements

Regarding “Netanyahu Announces He Is Unable to Form a Government” (jewishexponent.com): Bibi made many positive achievements during his tenure. He’s at least partially responsible for the incredible economic growth of the country, and what is shaping up to being landmark peace accords with a multitude of his neighbors. Neighbors that at one time, was unthinkable that peace could ever happen with.

Was Bibi perfect? No. Who is? Certainly not I. His tenure will be remembered favorably in the end, despite this ending. I look forward to the new government and pray for continued success for Mr. Gantz and my beautiful home away from home, Israel.

Ben Barbash | Blue Bell

Responding to the Pittsburgh Special Issue

Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, has offered to plead guilty negating an expensive multimillion-dollar trial seeking a death sentence, in exchange for life in prison without parole. This is quid pro quo since a death penalty trial would also waste precious court time and possibly traumatize the victims’ relatives and friends who would have to relive the horrendous event probably many times because the death penalty requires multiple pleas. Even two synagogue rabbis oppose such a trial in deference to sensibilities, but careers are enhanced by them.

There is, however, an elephant in the room. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania has suspended the death penalty and Gov. Tom Wolf has vowed never to sign off on one so, at the present time, the death penalty does not exist. Prosecutors are chasing a will-o’-the wisp. Shame on them.

Ralph D. Bloch | Jenkintown


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