Letters: BDS’ Danger, Mastriano and Unprotected Speech


For reasons known only to him, Mitchell Bard wants to minimize the virulently anti-Jewish boycott, divestment and sanctions movement — a modern tactic employed to advance an age-old hatred and bias — as well as the rampant attacks against Jewish people and institutions.

To illustrate his claim, Bard (“Why Does Anyone Care About BDS Campaigns on American College Campuses?”, July 21) cherry-picks, listing some of Congress’ leading anti-Israel activists and their alma maters.

Bard neglects a host of other influentials in government who work to eliminate or weaken the US-Israel relationship or otherwise harm the Jewish state, including by giving hundreds of millions of fungible dollars to help the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency — and their alma maters. Among these are foreign-policy advisers for members of Congress, State Department officials and bureaucrats, and those serving in current or previous presidential administrations. Then there is the world of journalists, think-tank experts, lobbyists and corporate leaders. All of these have spent time on a campus.

No one knows the extent of or long-term implications of the worsening anti-Jewish indoctrination on America’s campuses.

All Jew-hatred — whether BDS or other guises — must be identified and exposed and challenged and combated no matter where it takes place, whether on campus or elsewhere.

Steve Feldman, executive director, Greater Philadelphia ZOA

Mastriano Ads Unprotected Speech
I would add to your description of Doug Mastriano’s political ad (“Mastriano Called Out for Link to Extremist Social Media Site,” July 28), the fact that though he himself did not make antisemitic statements, he implicitly approved of and agreed with the violent, abusive antisemitic ideas and language.

It is the prevailing standard in political campaigns and ads for the candidate to write or state their name, saying, “I have read or reviewed this ad and approve of its content.” Failing such a disclaimer, Mastriano’s ads must be blocked because they represent an unprotected form of speech, as his language is intended to incite violence.

David Herman | Elkins Park


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