Letters: Bad Book, Op-ed Faulty


Book Review Perpetuates Left-Wing Smears
Both the novel and its reviewer (“Bibi Netanyahu as Fiction,” June 17) perpetuate the leftist smears that former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is two-faced when addressing domestic/foreign audiences, that he is Manichean and that he disdains the galut.

It was former Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat whose modus operandi was to lie in English as he fomented an intifada in Arabic; it was Netanyahu who forged a productive relationship with Putin despite his alignment with the Ayatollah, and it was Netanyahu who burnished ties with American Jewry despite persistent sabotage from groups such as the ADL.

As a fellow graduate of Cheltenham High School, I find it reprehensible that omitted from both the book of fiction and its fictionalized review, was any citation of how his political/moral character was impacted both by his father’s scholarship at Dropsie College and his brother’s death at Entebbe.

Robert B. Sklaroff | Rydal

Criticism of Israeli Government Not Anti-Israel
Greater Philadelphia ZOA Executive Director Steve Feldman’s op-ed (“Don’t Wait for War to Defend Israel,” June 17) asking us to defend Israel is a perfect example of what Jews and Israel do not need. It is full of innuendo, accusations, generalizations and false statements, while at the same time professing to tell the “abundantly clear” truth and decrying the spread of much disinformation. So, let us not spread more disinformation.

We certainly need to be vigilant and active. Balanced education initiatives concerning Middle East history are needed across the country. This is a long-term process. But, know this: The folks I know can find Israel on the map and fully support its right to exit in peace. Yet they disapprove of what the Israeli and U.S. governments have been doing. Being critical of the actions of your own or other governments does not a priori make one anti-anything other than these governments.

As we have learned in the U.S., people are easily driven to hate, mistrust and a belief in falsehoods, to say nothing of violence and brazen damage of person and property. To advocate for Jews to “press” leaders at all government levels for resolutions that blindly support Israel without acknowledging both sides of the historical equation does everyone a disservice. We do not need more of this rhetoric.

But, we do need to acknowledge the need for peace in the Middle East, and the role of Middle East leaders on both sides in making the peace possible. For many decades, now, neither side has been helpful in this mission.

Frank L. Friedman | Philadelphia


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