Letter: Synagogue Not Dead Yet

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I take exception to the March 2 article, “Congregation Adath Jeshurun Searches for New Way Forward.” I had phone calls from friends who indicated they were sad for us because our synagogue was dying. I quote “Spamalot” — We are not dead yet!

How many Conservative synagogues of any size have minyanim twice a day?

How many Conservative synagogues have well-attended, spirited and informed adult education every month, with some of them weekly?

We engaged a Jewish scholar as a rabbi because we felt that he would attract new members. And we were one of the few congregations that had new members join during COVID.

We have so many different activities at AJ all year long. It could make your head spin.
We face the challenges that most Conservative congregations face. For the most part, younger Jews are not “joiners.” We are continuing to search for ways to make Judaism an important part of their lives.

A Congregation that has faced challenges since before the Civil War will find ways to meet these challenges.

Bernie Dishler, Elkins Park


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