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Letter: CRT Viewpoint


CRT Viewpoint Depends on Who’s Asking
In the May 26 op-ed, “Where Do Jews Fit into Critical Race Theory,” Fred L. Pincus asks the question: Are Jews white? The answer to that depends on who is asking the question and their opinion of whites.

Critical race theory proponents, who have a negative view of whites, will say “yes.” White nationalists, who have a positive view of whites, will say “no.”

Neil Shapiro, Blue Bell


  1. Neil we’re white, I’ve never been called black, blacks don’t see us as black and we’
    re accepted as white by American society. The reason some of us are fighting the obvious is that the racist blacks, a small part of the black population, along with their racist woke white supporters see a benefit in foisting a guilt complex on American Jews. No doubt reparations and other demands are about to follow.


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