Kvetch ‘N Kvell: New-Look Exponent, More


New Format a Winner
Congratulations on your new format. The Exponent has transitioned into a serious publication that addresses the issues of the day. There is something in every issue worth reading. Keep up the great work.

Even though I have not lived in Philadelphia for more than 60 years, I am delighted that I still get the Jewish Exponent. I’m so glad the print edition survives.

Stanton C. Selbst, White Plains, New York

Merits a Response
In response to Solomon Stevens’ April 7 op-ed (“The Holocaust is Not a Metaphor”), Henry Steinberger wrote a response on April 21 that declares that “The Left Hijacks the Holocaust.” The left is no more homogeneous than the right.

Just because someone on “the left” called someone a Nazi doesn’t mean that all in that grouping would use that term. No more so that just because a politician on “the right” calls everyone who disagrees with him a socialist or communist doesn’t mean everyone on “the right” should be tarred with that broad brush either.

Peter Whitman, Glen Mills


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