Jewish Federation’s Impact on Jewish Education


The Jewish Federation is proud to support Jewish education. From day schools to outside of the classroom enrichment programs and continuing education for teachers, fostering engagement with Judaism through education is incredibly important. We understand that by supporting young learners, we are investing in future generations while ensuring today’s youth grow into proud, confident and caring Jewish adults.

“Barrack Hebrew Academy offers me opportunities that I would not get from any other school.

Without the Jewish Federation’s scholarship, none of this would be possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I truly love where I learn,” said Matt, name omitted for privacy, a day school scholarship recipient.

According to the Jewish Federation’s 2019 Community Portrait, Jewish households in Greater Philadelphia include:

  • 76,100 with children and half of those children are being raised Jewish or Jewish and another religion
  • 65% of parents believe it is important for their children to practice Jewish values
  • 72% of adults who attended Jewish day school as a child raise their children as Jewish

“In addition to providing critical funding for day school scholarships, which are essential to so many of our families, the Jewish Federation launched an emergency campaign to help schools in our community adapt to teaching in a pandemic,” said Judy Groner, Perelman Jewish Day School’s head of school. “Their funding helped us act quickly to continue to provide our students engaging, thoughtful and vital lessons throughout the pandemic.”

For the 2022 fiscal year, the Jewish Federation impacted Jewish day schools through the following efforts:

  • $1,250,000 granted to nine local Jewish day schools and the Orot special needs program to fill the gap between tuition income and the true operating costs to run a school
  • $10,200,000 of funding raised for need-based scholarships through Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development’s EITC and OSTC programs managed by the Foundation for Jewish Day Schools
  • $140,000 invested in enhanced professional development programming for Jewish educators and directors

You can make a difference for Jewish education in Greater Philadelphia by making a gift at


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