Jewish Federation Real Estate Announces 10th Annual Legends and Leaders Event

Michael Markman gives remarks
Michael Markman gives remarks at a prior Legends and Leaders event.

The Jewish Federation Real Estate’s Legends and Leaders event will make its comeback at the Kimmel Center on Friday, Oct. 21 from 7:30-10:30 a.m.

As part of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, real estate and related industry professionals will gather for the 10th iteration of the city’s premier event to enjoy a morning of networking with some of the most lauded real estate executives.

“The 10th Annual Legends and Leaders milestone demonstrates proof-of-concept that like-minded professionals can become the central force of both their professional industry and their philanthropic community,” said Bill Glazer, the Jewish Federation’s campaign co-chair as well as founding and current member of JFRE’s executive committee.

The much-anticipated event will feature expert speakers from across the industry. Jessica Morgan, Lubert-Adler Real Estate Funds principal and JFRE executive committee member, will host a conversation with David Adelman, Jewish Federation board co-chair and chairman of 76 Devcorp; Josh Harris, 76ers managing partner; and Tad Brown, 76ers CEO. Attendees will also hear from CBRE economists Richard Barkham and Spencer Levy as they discuss inflation, rising interest rates and geopolitical tension, and its impact on United States real estate.

Presented by Firstrust, this powerhouse event is supported by nearly 70 sponsors.
“I’m excited to hear from David Adelman, Josh Harris and Tad Brown on the Sixers’ new stadium and particularly on the job creation they anticipate it will deliver to Center City,” JFRE chair Jonathan Morgan said.

Similarly, moderator Jessica Morgan is looking forward to the speakers’ insights and conversations.

“The best parts of JFRE events are the opportunities to hear from experts in the field,” shared Morgan, who is also an advisory board member of Penn Institute for Urban Research. “This year’s presenters will no doubt share thoughtful insight into our industry and give us some behind-the-scenes details about the 76ers’ new arena.”

In addition to this annual signature event, JFRE also offers events and educational programs, where members can deepen and expand their networks, discover and tour new venues and development projects, and learn about meaningful opportunities to donate and volunteer.

“It’s a great place for people starting out to meet those that are further ahead and get advice or insight into their career,” said Adelman, one of the event’s speakers and a founding member of JFRE.

Besides career-advancing events, JFRE also makes a profound impact within the Greater Philadelphia community and in Israel and overseas through its funding of capital and security projects.

In 2021-2022, JFRE allocated $444,936.42 from its fund to 18 projects, with a heightened focus on security. These projects included a vast array of local efforts, like adding new fencing and cameras to Jewish summer camps and synagogues and creating new housing for seniors and low-income families. In Israel, funds allowed numerous organizations to enhance shelters for at-risk children.

One of JFRE’s major global projects was the recent development of a medical clinic in Gondar, Ethiopia. In the midst of a humanitarian crisis, the life-saving clinic will serve Ethiopian Jews while they await making aliyah to Israel. With a grant from the JFRE Fund and additional dollars raised by the JFRE Executive Committee, JFRE was able to allocate almost $160,000 to create this much-needed clinic. Its construction was done in partnership with the Struggle to Save Ethiopian Jewry, the main source of humanitarian assistance for the Jewish community in Ethiopia.

“While all the projects we fund are impactful, I was particularly proud of the JFRE project to build a medical clinic in Gondar,” Jonathan Morgan stated. “SSEJ proposed building a medical clinic to provide necessary health and medical support for Ethiopian Jews. Thanks to the JFRE Fund and the leadership of our executive committee, we answered the call and are literally saving lives in doing so.”

The signature Legends and Leaders event is free for all JFRE members and is $175 for non-members. To register for the event, visit or contact Joel Schwarz at [email protected] or 215-832-0544.


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