Haredi Orthodox Kids in Lakewood, NJ, Seen in Racist Purim Costumes


Jewish Exponent Square.jpgBy Andrew Silow-Carroll

A local NAACP chapter complained that Jewish children in Lakewood, New Jersey, dressed in racist costumes during Purim.

The chapter is seeking a meeting with leaders of the township’s large haredi Orthodox community after seeing photographs of children wearing blackface, Afro wigs and Black Lives Matter sweatshirts during Friday’s celebrations.

On Sunday, the Lakewood Vaad, or rabbinical association, issued a statement, first reported by The Lakewood Scoop, condemning the wearing of blackface and explaining the religious and evolving cultural context for the celebrations.

“Dressing as a member of another culture was once part of Purim and pictures of old show Jews innocently costumed on Purim as Romans, Greeks, Cossacks, Arabs, and as members of other groups,” the statement read in part. “Today, this is seen as offensive, and we are sensitive to the feelings of other groups. Dressing in blackface is particularly inappropriate and offensive, and should never be done.”


  1. Children in blackface in Lakewood is the same as saying the Holocaust never happened… the 6 million really went to Cancun and decided not to come back. So sorry there are those among you that bring out the ignorant in the rest of us. I pray to God to forgive us all

    • You are right that black face is wrong but to say that someone insulting your culture is comparable to someone killing 1/3 of your people is absurd you should really reflect onyour words before you say them or you risk sounding silly


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