Exponent Changes With the Times


Looks fade — but in the newspaper industry, they only get better and better.

As they should.

A paper should grow and develop with the times, spanning from the early days of a full page of tiny, almost illegible black print to now bright and colorful images and graphics.

Photographs of extravagant updos and wedding announcements aren’t the only things that experienced drastic changes in the Jewish Exponent since its inception — well, the latter may have stayed the same.

But back in its first year of 1887, the Exponent was created for both the Philadelphia and Baltimore communities.

Its original 11-by-17-inch frame lasted well up until the ’80s, then became slightly more condensed to the format you know today.

But let’s take a look at some covers and interesting pieces that spanned the Exponent’s 130 years.


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