Jeffrey “Jack” Hershoff, on January 9th, 2021 in total peace and in his sleep as we had prayed, our Father Jeffrey “Jack” Hershoff passed away. He was a dynamic and complicated man who lived a rich and adventurous life; most notably as a World Class Black Jack and Poker Player, a Vietnam Veteran, a man of faith in G-d, and restless in spirit as he was a seeker, an entrepreneur, always traveling around the country and world finding opportunity, adventure and in communion with the G-d who lived in him, the one and only true G-d. Son of Abraham and Yetta, he was born in 1950 in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia. Brother to Michael Hershoff, and Arlene (nee) Solomon, Brother-in-law to Mike Solomon, Beloved Father to Rita (nee) Hertzog, and Franklin McAdam by adoption, Father-in-law to Philip Hertzog (who played many long hours of chess with Jeffrey, and even in the end could not beat him), Grandfather to Sofia, Samantha, Gavin, Emma, Isaac, Lucas, Pearl, Olivia and Fredy. He leaves behind cousins, a niece Ashley (nee) Morse, nephew Jason Solomon, great-nieces Madyson, Raegan, Ava and Great-Nephew Aiden, life long friends, classmates and business partners, and he is reunited with his parents and younger brother Michael, whom he loved with his whole heart. Jeffrey was a high school drop-out, and married our Mother Tia McAdam when they were very young adults. Yet, he was an educated man who read thousands of books, and wrote thousands of more letters, and understood the very essence of life, through his reading, writings and musings. He was a man both at once burdened by his troubles and transcendent in all possible ways. He was honorable, loyal to the end, and as grounded in his principles as he was wistful and playful as a child. Stubborn-as-a-mule he beat Covid-19, and then died on his own terms. On behalf of my Father and in keeping with Jewish tradition I ask all that knew him to forgive him for any grievances and trespasses and remember the essence of his light and love, his intelligence, his honor, his humor, his mitzvahs, and although he was not humble in life, he did the best he could to always do the right thing. And he succeeded as much as any man can succeed. In the end he told me that we were his legacy and that the faces of our children would carry our family’s legacy long into the future far beyond his eyes could see, and he was proud of all of us. From my dad I inherit my own tenacious spirit of adventure, an intuition that is generational and beyond the ages, and a will to survive. He will be sorely missed, and already we feel strange being on earth without one of our parents. And yet, we know that a parents love transcends all things, even death. And as he once told us “time is not linear. If we once were, we always are.” May you remember my father well. Rest In Peace Jeffrey, Jack, Maxman, Laid-back Jack, Dad. I will never forget you, and I know we will be together again. February 23, 1950 – January 9, 2021.