Chabad of Charlottesville Reaches $5K from Donors, Steadily Rising


An alumnus of Chabad of Charlottesville created a GoFundMe page Aug. 17 in light of the “Unite the Right” rally that flooded the Virginia city with anti-Semites and white supremacists, killing one.

With a humble listed goal of only $1, the Chabad has received more than $5,500 from various individual donors in just a matter of days, and it continues to increase.

The Chabad posted on its Facebook page Aug. 16: “As Jewish people we know first hand how it feels to be persecuted yet still move forward with strength. The world needs us to light our G-dly infinite light!!”

Money raised will go toward additional security for the Chabad house on the University of Virginia campus, contributing to the “healing, safety and care needed” in the alt-right rally’s wake.

In an updated post, the Chabad wrote words of gratitude: “It’s really making a substantial difference, both spreading light in the world and providing for the needs of Charlottesville community members and UVA students.”


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