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Antisemitism Mutated Like a Deadly Virus in 2020

We have always known that antisemitism is a social virus that has mutated with deadly efficiency throughout human history.

Why Palestinian Elections Were Canceled

The Palestinian elections have been canceled again.

Letters: Arkoosh, the GOP

Regarding Jesse Bernstein’s April 22 article, “Val Arkoosh Joins Crowded Race for Senate Seat,

An Election on a Jewish Holiday: A Challenge to Overcome

When I learned that the Pennsylvania Primary Election would be held on May 18, I was frustrated.

For LGBTQ+, Don’t Let Politics, Religion Mix

Conservative Judaism has always been a big part of my life.

House Bill on Israel Is Flawed, But Our Jewish Civil War Is Worse

In the partisan changeover that resulted from the 2020 U.S. elections, there were bound to be some tests and challenges for those of us who identify within the broad spectrum of “pro-Israel.”

My Father’s Lesson: Jews Must Value Labor Even When They Become Management

Earlier this year, when my father was in the last weeks of his life, he told us a story that none of us knew or remembered.JEA

Anti-Semitism, by Definition

In recent weeks, a robust debate has surfaced yet again around the definition of anti-Semitism, particularly as it relates to Israel and Zionism.

Letters: Verification, McCarthy, More

I’m catching up on the last few issues of the Exponent and just read a letter from Stephen A. Shalet (“Co-author’s Anti-Semitism Should Have Been Acknowledged,” April 1).

For #Metoo Transgressors, the Only Cure is Banishment

In the years following the reckonings with sexual harassment and assault prompted by the #MeToo movement, there has been debate over the correct communal response to those accused of sexual misconduct.