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The Complex Business of ‘Make Me a Match’ and ‘Find Me a Find’

What would you do if you woke up to find that your marriage had been prearranged by your parents? You'd probably reject the idea,...

Some Unwanted History Lessons

Several years ago before I came to Philadelphia, I accompanied the former governor of Connecticut on his first trip to Israel. In my journalistic capacity,...

Caught in the Backlash of the Storm; Tehran Off the Hook?

Military historians speak of the "fog of war" that clouds the decisions of commanders in the midst of battle. In the wake of the...

Good News for Israel’s Position in Political Wars

In addition to the Sept. 11 terror attacks in the United States, four years have also passed since Durban, South Africa — the U.N.-sponsored...

Disengagement’s True Lesson

The looming civil war, which Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon prophesied from the pages of The New York Times, did not materialize. It did not...

Media Clippings: Ready or Not for the Real Thing

Those of us concerned about how books get published and how reputations are molded were offered more than a glimpse into such literary machinations...

What They Are Saying: Uncovering the Truth Behind a Flurry of Fuzzy Photos

Author David Gelernter writes in the Los Angeles Times (www.latimes.com) on Sept. 9 that sometimes television pictures don't tell the truth: "A 55-second video report,...

New Year, Same Story: A ‘State’ of Chaos

Throughout 2005, most observers of Israel were under the impression that a truce between the Jewish state and Palestinian terror organizations had created a...

Letters of 01/05/06

Show Israeli Avengers as Heroes, Not Doubters “Munich” is not your typical Steven Spielberg movie (Cover Story: “Is ‘Munich’ Fair Game?” Dec. 22). Comparing this...

Debate Over Jerusalem: All Talk, No Action

  With all the bowl games being played this time of year, one should be named for Jerusalem - that perennial political football that politicians...