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Media Clippings: Calling All Doctors: Why the Scalpel?

Why have so many Jews been drawn to the study of medicine, far out of proportion to their numbers? Why have so many achieved...

What They Are Saying: New Course on College Campuses: Anti-Semitism 101

Author and radio talk-show host Dennis Prager writes in the Los Angeles Times (www.latimes. com) on Oct. 9 that a status symbol in Jewish...

Religious Tests and the Court

One of the oddest things about the recent debates about the qualifications of Supreme Court nominees is the way that some of us have...

Letters Week of Oct. 12, 2005

Understanding the Need for a Policy of Defense Thank you for Jonathan Tobin's column about how foolish and dangerous it is to apologize for...

Facing Up to Terror; The Politics of Principle

Facing Up to Terror President Bush's speech last week on the war on terror has garnered criticism for his insistence that the triumph of democracy...

Shtetl’s Long Gone: Pump Some New Life Into an Old System

Like waiting for the Messiah, Israelis have been waiting for many years for the coming of the political "Big Bang" and a new beginning....

What They Are Saying: ‘Fair and Balanced.’ Let’s Define These Words in News-Speak, Please.

Think-tank scholar Frank J. Gaffney Jr. writes on FrontPageMagazine.com on Sept. 30 about Fox News' Saudi prince: "With surprisingly little media attention, Saudi Arabia has...

Media Clippings: Effortlessly Argued

Louis Zukofsky. It's a name that, most likely, doesn't ring bells, even for those who consider themselves well read. These days, he's known, according...