BRCA Panel Discussion Set for Sept. 26

A panel discussion about BRCA mutations — which are linked to breast and ovarian cancer — is slated for Sept. 26 at the Kaiserman...

‘There’s No Drive-ins to Get Treatment’: Recovery Rep to Speak in Harrisburg

“I’m a typical bad-boy Jew,” joked Gary Hendler, “who did well, luckily.” As a teenager, the Philadelphia native admitted he wasn’t a “momma’s boy” like...

Israeli Doctoral Student Develops Groundbreaking Test for Parkinson’s Disease

(JNS.org) — Suaad Abd-Elhadi, a doctoral student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, won an innovation award for developing a new groundbreaking tool that could...
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Mindfulness Methods Help People Learn to Embrace Winter With Smiles, Not Swears

Seniors: Here's some advice and pre-planned solutions for some of the difficult aspects of this chilly season. Winter can be a difficult season for many...

CHOP Doc Gives Inoculation His Best Shot

A Q and A with Dr. Paul Offit, the chief of infectious diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who works to overcome the beliefs of...
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Keeping Your Back in Action

From mobile apps to exercise balls, there are more ways than ever to keep your back in shape. It happens once an hour during my...

It’s OK to Worry

Give yourself permission to experience the full range of emotions and you'll lead a more fulfilling life, writes the author of several books on...
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Raising the Ante in the Anti-Oxidant Argument

Can these so-called life savers, heralded as cancer fighters, actually harm you? Walk into a vitamin or health food store — or simply browse the...
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Potion Sickness: Getting Deep Into Skin Care Products

When dealing with the dizzying array of creams, serums and sprays designed to save your skin, what you don't know can cost you money...

Cavity Searches: Using Dentistry as a Diagnostic Tool

The health of your mouth can be an early warning system for the health of the rest of your body.   You wouldn’t think of scheduling...