How Cold-Weather Activities Can Impact Heart Health

Clearing sidewalks and driveways of snow ...
Father Works On Laptop As Mother Helps Son With Homework On Kitchen Table

Why Is This Time Different From All Other Times?

This period of uncertainty in our lives will be known as one of redefining our definition of normalcy. We no longer socialize with friends and...
Female nurse suffering from headache

Being Mindful During Stressful Times

By Marcy Shoemaker We are living during a stressful time in the history of the country. You may be worried about big news stories such...
human head chakra power inspiration abstract thinking watercolor painting illustration design hand drawn

Living an Active Life Involves Both Body and Mind

By Marcy Shoemaker As we age, we often look for ways to remain active and youthful. Deep down we know that a fountain of youth...
Holiday background with golden Christmas decorations and New year 2020 numbers and confetti stars top view.

New Year’s Resolutions a Year-Long Process

Every January, people celebrate New Year’s Eve and Day with friends and family. The culmination of the celebration for many usually ends with the...
Bernie Sanders shakes hands with attendees at the rally against the Hahnemann closure.

‘Human Life Is More Important’: Bernie Sanders Joins Hahnemann Rally

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders was in Philadelphia July 15 to join a rally protesting the closure of Hahnemann University Hospital. “We shouldn’t be talking...
OC87 Recovery Diaries editor-in-chief Gabriel Nathan attaches a GoPro to Herbe's interior

Gabriel Nathan Takes Suicide Prevention on the Road

Gabriel Nathan talks about love more than you do. He talks about it in relation to his twins, Elijah and Louisa, and his wife,...
Michael Alexander, director of regional affairs at Israeli Consulate General in New York; Neil Cooper, executive partner at Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld and president of Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce; Kevin Provost, CEO of Greenhouse Ventures; Ambassador Dani Dayan, Israel consul general in New York; and Vered Nohi, executive director of the Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce

From ‘Father of Cannabis’ to Today, Israelis Are at Forefront of Medical Cannabis Industry

“What is the fundamental difference between Judaism and Christianity?” asked BOL Pharma CEO Tamir Gedo, who called in from Israel for the “Innovation in...
Chani Yondorf at the computer

Dr. Chani Yondorf Offers Uncommon OB-GYN Services Mindful of Jewish Practice

Frimi Levy, who teaches kallah classes on family purity laws and marriage advice, has referred a handful of her students to Dr. Chani Yondorf. Yondorf...

Israeli Scientist Discusses Cancer Treatment

Marcelle Machluf, the dean of biotechnology and food engineering at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, is working on an innovative cancer treatment called nanoghosts. Nanoghosts,...