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Philacatessen | Tofu for Beginners

In our ongoing series on vegan for non-vegans it was inevitable that we would feature tofu. Long a staple of vegans for its high protein...

Philacatessen | Take That, Winter! February BLT

One of my favorite sandwiches in summer is the classic BLT: crisp turkey or beef bacon, fresh lettuce, toasted whole-grain bread, a schmear of...

Philacatessen | Happy Brownies

  We can all use a mood booster this time of year. The cold temperatures, the short days, the winter blues — however you slice...

Philacatessen | Orbs of Heaven: Chocolate Truffles

  So the festive season has passed, and we have all perhaps made and broken resolutions by now. But let’s all make one resolution that...

Philacatessen | Beets Me!

With beet season in full swing these days, we are fairly bursting with them. I prefer to buy beets with the greens still attached to...