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Your Children: The Ultimate Value Investment

Your children are going to learn fiscal responsiblity one way or another; it is up to you to make sure it's the easy way. Ari...

Two-Day Symposium Considers the State of Gay-Lesbian Parenthood

With the prospect of a U.S. Senate debate over a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages hovering in the not-so-distant future, researchers and...
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Ten Things To Do With Kids This Summer

The Delaware Valley's assortment of family-friendly activities has exploded in recent years. See if some of them are right for you. The average kid complains...
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To Save Her Marriage, Orthodox Mom Rethinks Her Approach to the Bedroom

A Brooklyn mother describes her realization that allowing her children to sleep in her bed and running to soothe them every time they cried...

Keeping Kids Safe on the Web

At just 10 years old, Jacob Greenfield has developed a strong interest in computers -- building Web pages, editing movies and playing intricate games...
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Kvelling About Ima

As Mother's Day nears, students at Politz Day School in Cherry Hill, N.J., talk about their moms and their favorite things to do together. As...
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The Real Jewish ‘Housewives’ 
of South Jersey

Two modern moms discuss how they juggle family and professional roles in the Jewish community. Lisa David wears many kipot. She has a full-time job...
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Finding the Best Ways to Communicate with Children

The keys to successful parent-child communication never vary, regardless of age. Learning how to talk and listen to your offspring may be a struggle,...

Is She Really Doing that in Public?

When Dana Hilmer gave birth to her first child, Zach, in 2000, she was anxious, like many another mother, about breastfeeding in public. It...

Parents of the ‘Net Generation’ Need a Whole New Set of Guidelines

Kids today face a considerable assortment of gadgets and technologies to master: cell phones, BlackBerrys, iPods and the vast world of the Internet. It's...