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Recent Grad ‘Reflects’ on Overcoming ‘Penn Face’

Jared Fenton never heard the phrase “mental health” until his high school health class. He always had an interest in physical health — teaching yoga...

Tribe 12 Celebrates New Changes, Same Mission

Change can be scary, but when it strengthens an organization, it can only be a good thing, right? For Tribe 12, that change will help...

Old Models of Jewish Legacy Institutions No Longer Working, Experts Say

The research and statistics are in, and the message to Jewish legacy organizations — those longstanding community institutions that historically have held fast to...

Potent Potables Pump up the Parshah

Remember that Pew study a couple years back that showed that Jewish millennials were eschewing religious activity in droves? Well, a group of twentysomethings and...
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Finding Love in a Hopeless Place, But Not Really

As the resident Young Single Women, in light of the holiday we embarked on a new lease on love: Tinder. This week, many in Israel...

Millennials Could Bring a New Shabbat ‘Table’ to Philadelphia

OneTable supports young hosts — its target demographic is people who self-identify as Jewish and are post-college, pre-family — by providing nourishment credits and...

Breaking The Rules Of Engagement

A lot of these engagements occurred over relatively short periods of time — after several months of dating — or roughly the same span...
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Like a Bolt out of the Jew Comes a New Dating App

Yente’s matchmaking may be a thing of the past, but Marc Goldmann is keeping the idea in mind to catch JBolt users the perfect...
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Jewish Weddings Are Blending Connubiality with Individuality

Mixing tradition with personal details is a winning recipe for these ceremonies. Last December, surrounded by relatives who held up the bright blue family chupah,...
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For Poker Champ Ari Engel, Kipah Works to His Advantage

The 31-year-old son of an Orthodox rabbi has become one of the world’s best professional poker players, grossing about $5 million over the last decade. NEW YORK...