20s and 30s

Introducing a New Class of Social Entrepreneurs

Tribe 12 has selected 11 young professionals for its second class of "social entrepreneurs" who will begin learning how to turn their ideas into...

A Collaborative Evolution

Fourteen years ago, the late Annabel Lindy had a vision. She wanted to create some sort of platform to connect Jews in their 20s...

He Brews He’Brews

Chanukah 1996. Jeremy Cowan loaded up a car he borrowed from his grandmother with cases of beer he'd brewed, hoping that a few bars...

Stop All the Games!

Almost everyone has been a victim of dating someone for too long when you know you deserve better. It's not that you're desperate; it's just...

Bar Taps Into Regular Fare, With a Twist

Young professionals and college students still thirsty for learning after Limmud can find all sorts of "Topics on Tap" brewing at a Center City...

The Complex Business of ‘Make Me a Match’ and ‘Find Me a Find’

What would you do if you woke up to find that your marriage had been prearranged by your parents? You'd probably reject the idea,...

It’s Late, It’s Hot – Let’s Party!

Early in the evening, a row of casually dressed guys sat at the bar guzzling 32-oz. black plastic mugs filled with cold beer while...

Royally Mad For Color

  Of course shopping should be on summer’s itinerary. It stimulates the economy, provides quality bonding time, counts as exercise if done with gusto and...
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A Revolutionary Notion

If you’re in the habit of making travel-related resolutions, why not make 2013 the year of Colonial American spirit? A road trip through the...
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  Will 2013 be the year you raise the barre? Swing into rope training? Hang around with TRX? Get a leg up with kickboxing or...