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What Would Judah Buy?

Maccabee was a serious warrior, but surely he would have appreciated these Chanukah samples of fun. After all, he is associated with Games. Maccabee was...
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They Light Up Your Life

By Elyse Glickman Innovative designers are broadening and updating the ways those observing Chanukah can pay tribute to the miraculous endurance of the fabled lighting...

Holding Up a Mirror to Our Own Journeys

This week, we continue making our way through Genesis, reacquainting ourselves with the foundational stories of our ancestors. This time it’s the compelling tale...
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Can You Top This?

  hat Jews put on their heads before they pray is a deeply personal choice. Which is exactly why there are so many choices of...
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Thinking Twice About 
Bubbe Meises

  Are you wary of black cats, first steps, empty ovens and opened ladders? Do you smell the Havdalah candle after it is extinguished? Do...
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The Secret Life of Letters

  If God wrote you a letter, would you read it? Well, God did, and you have. The letter is the Torah. For centuries, Jews...

Rabbis Take to Pedaling

A handful of Philadelphia area rabbis find health, spirituality and a little urban grit from atop their trusty two-wheelers.  It was 6 a.m. on a...

A Great Patriarch, Yes, but as a Parent?

Depending on how you look at it, Isaac, of all the Patriarchs, was the greatest. At age 37, says the Talmud, he allowed himself...

Rebekah, Like Sarah, Known for Her Warmth

As I have been thinking about this Torah portion, Hurricane Sandy has come through Philadelphia, leaving us safe, but still without power in my...

The Power of Prayer, the Power in Prayer

  Hazzan Harold Messinger of Beth Am Israel in Penn Valley wrote the following prayer this week, reflecting on the storm and its aftermath. Editor’s Note: Hazzan Harold...