GOP Candidate Doug Mastriano Makes Josh Shapiro’s Jewish Day School an Issue in PA...

Josh Shapiro attended a Jewish day school as a kid.
Tzvia Wexler is a white Israeli woman with long, brown hair with light highlights. She is wearing a black jacket.

Last Word: Tzvia Wexler Shows Loyalty to Israeli Soldiers

It’s been 35 years since Tzvia Wexler last lived in Israel, but she insists, “Even though I left Israel physically, it never left me.” Wexler,...

Old York Road Temple-Beth Am Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Born right after World War II in 1947, just as Reform Judaism in the United States was growing into its modern, suburban form, Old...
Andrew Davies and Molly Wernick smile at their baby Miller, who is sitting in a wagon. Wernick and Davies are wearing bike helmets and have their bikes off to the side.

Parents Worry Reproduction Laws May Complicate Family Planning

For Jewish parents who are carriers of the Tay-Sachs gene, the worry of passing on the genetic disease to an offspring is only one...

High Holiday Sermons Will Ask Congregants to Look Inward

As an Orthodox rabbi, Isaac Leizerowski has some thoughts about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur sermons. The leader of Congregation Beth Midrash HaRav B’Nai...
A group of people gather around a table filled with lit Chanukiahs.

In South Korea, A Jewish Community with Philadelphia Roots Looks Forward

It’s approximately 6,888 miles from Elkins Park to Seoul, South Korea — the distance that a handful of red cover-bound “Gates of Repentance” High...

How Do Synagogues Define Members in a Time of Changing Family Demographics?

Picture the typical synagogue family in the Philadelphia area. What do you see? Young parents and young kids? Maybe middle-aged parents and teenagers? OK, maybe...
Isaac Blum is a white man with straight, light brown hair. He is wearing a grey Oxford shirt and standing outside.

You Should Know…Isaac Blum

He’s an author — not an architect — but Isaac Blum is concerned with windows and mirrors nonetheless. In his debut novel, “The Life and...
In their front yard, Drew Trachtenberg, a young boy in a fall jacket, is standing over his older brother Steve.

Utopia Revisited: Residents Reunite to Share Stories of 12th Street Childhood

The word “utopia,” coined by 15th-century English writer Thomas More, is based on the Greek words eu-topos, which means a good place, and ou-topos,...
The window of the Matzah Balls restaurant has a neon orange eviction notice sign.

Doylestown’s Matzah Balls Deli Closes Days After Opening

Less than a week after opening its doors, Matzah Balls, a Doylestown Jewish deli, has closed indefinitely. On Aug. 25, six days after its opening...