Germany Funds Vaccination Drive for Holocaust Survivors

The German government is providing $13.5 million to get Holocaust survivors to COVID-19 vaccination locations around the world.

Brazilian Political Party Leader Says Jews ‘Sacrificed Children’

RIO DE JANEIRO — Jewish groups have filed a criminal complaint against the head of a major Brazilian party for putting the age-old anti-Semitic blood libel trope in a social media post

Ukraine to Let in Vaccinated Israeli Pilgrims for Rosh Hashanah

Ukraine will let in vaccinated pilgrims from Israel for Rosh Hashanah amid negotiations on Israeli deliveries of COVID-19 vaccines to Ukraine, that country’s interior ministry said.

Iceland Adds Judaism to List of State-recognized Religions

The Interior Ministry of Iceland has added Judaism to its list of state-recognized religious and life-stance groups.

650 Pounds of Matzah to be Shipped to Gulf States

A newly formed Jewish group in the Persian Gulf is having 650 pounds of matzah imported to the region ahead of Passover.

Amsterdam Mayor Accuses Netanyahu of Hurting the Fight Against Anti-Semitism

When the leaders of 32 cities around the world convened Tuesday for a “Mayors Summit Against Anti-Semitism,” the event was billed as the first of its kind.

Third Day of Holocaust Remembrance Proposed

Jews who were murdered by the Nazis have two days of commemoration devoted to them. Now two Jewish leaders have proposed a third day of Holocaust remembrance.

French Government to Return Klimt Painting Looted from Austrian Jew in 1938

the French government said that it will return a Gustav Klimt landscape painting that the Nazis stole in 1938 from Jews to the descendants of its rightful owners.

In Austrian Anti-Semitism Study, 31% Made Biased Statements, Down From 2018

In a survey of anti-Semitic attitudes in Austria, 31% of the 2,000 respondents agreed with statements that the poll’s authors said exemplified anti-Jewish biases — a significant drop in that sentiment.

German Jews Raise $40,000 to Prevent Bankruptcy of Halle Kebab Shop

Jewish students in Germany have raised more than $40,000 to help the owner of the kebab shop in Halle that was attacked after a neo-Nazi gunman was unable to enter a nearby synagogue.