Stanley B. Becker, 82, Dentist

Stanley B. Becker, 82, a dentist who practiced in Delaware County for 35 years, died Dec. 29. He was a resident of Monroe Township,...

Arie Lipinsky, Longtime Butcher, Dies at 62

Arie Lipinsky, 62, who worked as a butcher and ran Main Line Kosher Meats for nearly 15 years, died in his sleep on Feb....

Wilfred B. Bond, Newspaper’s Indispensable Team Player

Wilfred Bernard Bond, 67, a former customer service representative for the Jewish Exponent and indispensable player for the paper, died June 22. He retired...

Saul P. Bralow, 90, Physician, Teacher

Saul Philip Bralow, 90, a well-known Philadelphia physician and teacher, died Jan. 11 in Sarasota, Fla.Dr. Bralow was a well-respected colon cancer specialist, who...

Ira P. Tiger, 76, Antitrust Attorney

Ira P. Tiger, 76, an attorney, died June 2 at Abington Hospice at Warminster. He was a resident of Elkins Park.Tiger was partner at...

Seymour Friedman, 90, Decorated War Honoree

Seymour Friedman, 90, a decorated World War II B-24 co-pilot, died June 7 in Willow Grove, Pa.Raised in West Philadelphia, he attended Overbrook High...

Richard N. Smith, 83, Psychiatrist

Richard N. Smith, 83, a psychiatrist who maintained a private practice in child and adult psychiatry and psychoanalysis in Jenkintown for 30 years, died...

Chayale Fuhrman, Mainstay of the Yiddish Stage, Dies at 91

Chayale Fuhrman, famed star of Yiddish theater and advocate for the preservation of the Yiddish language, passed away from pneumonia on March 7 in...

Elan Steinberg, ‘Great Activist,’ Dies at 59

Statements of profound respect quickly poured in for Elan Steinberg, former executive director of the World Jewish Congress, who died April 6 of complications...

Harriet Berger, 94, Union, Political Activist, Professor

Harriet Berger, a union organizer, political activist and university professor, died May 4 at the age of 94. The former Harriet Fleisher, she graduated...