Legs kicked up in front of him, Kenny G, a white man with long, curly, brown hair, is blowing into a soprano saxophone.

Without his Saxophone, Who is Kenny G?

In 1974, Franklin High School student Kenneth Gorelick was asked by mentor and composer James Gardiner to perform a saxophone solo at a Seattle...

33 Years After Classic Bar Mitzvah Episode, Revamped ‘Wonder Years’ Revisits the Ritual

Paul Pfeiffer’s bar mitzvah made Jewish television history

Golden Globes 2022: Andrew Garfield, and Steven Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story,’ Win Big

Golden Globes fans may have noticed something different this year: The annual entertainment awards were not announced on TV, and not for COVID-19 reasons.

Peter Bogdanovich, Hollywood Filmmaker and Son of an Austrian Jew, Dies at 82

Peter Bogdanovich, the Oscar-nominated movie director and actor whose films, ego and off-camera exploits encapsulated the personality-driven excesses of 1970s Hollywood filmmaking, has died at 82.
Aracy de Carvahlo, a Brazilian woman in a long, burgundy coat holding a briefcase, looks off into the distance. She is surrounded by four Nazi soldiers.

In ‘Passport to Freedom,’ History is Dramatized

Described as “O Anjo de Hamburgo,” or “the angel of Hamburg,” Aracy de Carvalho was credited by Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem as...

Jon Stewart Says the ‘Harry Potter’ Goblin Characters are Antisemitic

In recent years, some “Harry Potter” fans have reconsidered their love for the series.

The Best Jewish Shows and Movies of 2021

From the familiar (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”) to the obscure (“The Club”), from the educational (“Jerusalem”) to the absurd (“Big Mouth”), from the controversial (“My...

Youth is Wasted on the Young in ‘Licorice Pizza’

The coming-of-age genre is a chameleon — a vessel easily adaptable to a host of different backdrops and climates — and Paul Thomas Anderson’s...

Israel’s Controversial Oscar Submission Snubbed on the 2022 Academy Shortlist

There was no holiday cheer for Israel’s filmmakers in the shortlists for the 2022 Academy Awards.

Netflix’s ‘The Club’ is Good, Not Great

I have two categories into which I put quality shows. Shows I can’t wait to watch and shows that, as I’m watching them, I think...